Director: Anthony Bristol & Ben Coughlan (CRY\WOLF)
DoP: Sy Turnbull
Producer: Dan Massie
"Paul's music has this ethereal quality with subtle layers of electronica that rise and fall in waves reminding us of film scores, so it was fitting that the brief asked for something 'Drive-inspired', allowing us to create this metaphorical narrative to compliment what is a stunning soundtrack. We'd been throwing this idea around for a while inspired by documentary footage of deer rutting over territory and mates, and felt it would work well within the landscape of the arcade, one of the few backdrops you can find in the UK that screams Americana without having to fly our crew out to the US on a limited budget.
"The arcade is an almost forgotten throwback to the 80's when kids settled scores on games and won the affections of admiring girls in the process, and we loved the timeless quality of the images we could achieve there and the nods to 80's subculture that resonate with Paul's music production. Our talented DP Sy Turnbull created these two contrasting worlds, the slick neons of the arcade that explodes into life with lens flares and the gritty green hues of our leads petrol fuelled motorbike workshop.
"Our cast and crew came together with complete belief in the project and we can't thank them enough for all their efforts helping bring it to the screen." 
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