Feed Me Light were lucky to work with UKTV on their Eastern campaign for GOLD, transforming some of Britain’s best loved comedy characters into colourful eggs in an easter egg hunt to remember.
When the brief was presented to FML initially, the client wished to pursue a live stop motion shoot. While we agreed this would result in a charming real feel, when taking into consideration all of the elements, we felt it was best that it was pursued in CG. We consulted with the client the advantages in flexibility and control over the amount of environments and characters and they were quick to take our lead, deciding that CG would indeed be the most beneficial and cost productive way of achieving their final product.
Although the environments and characters would be created entirely in CG, the FML team immediately began working on a creative style that brought a handmade, stop-motion feel to the campaign, playing on the tradition of collecting hand painted eggs.
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